The Gateway Orientation is a learning session designed to help you appropriately navigate your way through your first S.I.C.K. dungeon playparty. You will learn about the various rules and guidelines which cover dungeon play, as well as be introduced to the correct etiquette and protocols which must be observed during a BDSM dungeon playparty. We will discuss in detail what is expected of you in a BDSM playparty environment, as well as give you a solid understanding of what you should expect from others.

If you are new to S.I.C.K. it is necessary for you to attend the Gateway Orientation in order to be eligible for participation in S.I.C.K. dungeon playparties.

Some of the topics covered in the "Gateway Orientation" include:
Newcomer Gateway Orientation Session
Saturday May 10th Wichita S.I.C.K. BDSM Munch

Date Saturday May 10th, 2014.
Location Wichita hotel banquet room (address will be given after you RSVP).
Munch start time 6:00 pm prompt!
Mini-Auction 7:30 pm
The "Amazing Raffle Sluts" 8:00 pm.
Newcomer's Gateway Orientation 9:00 pm.
S.I.C.K. Vendor-mart Open all evening.
S.I.C.K. dungeon playparty 9:30 pm.
Cost to attend $15.95 pre-paid meal purchase required.
Registration deadline Noon Thursday May 8th.
Everyone is welcome By RSVP only.

For more information on what a "munch" is and how it works Click here
email me
If you wish to contact an administrator of the S.I.C.K. Munch
Even though the "Gateway Orientation" is designed to qualify newcomers to attend S.I.C.K. Playparties, experienced SMers will also benefit greatly from this "refresher" session in BDSM playparty etiquette.

The Newcomer Gateway Orientation Session is presented free
of charge at the conclusion of each monthly munch meeting.
Negotiating for sceneplay
Interacting with others
Confidentiality & discretion
What to wear
The use of safewords
Staging your own scenes
Respecting others' scenes
Personal space
Purpose of the safe room
What to do if you're squicked
Avoiding harassment
Purpose of the aftercare area
Permitted types of play
Others' property
Conversations & socializing
Interpreting personal dynamics
Identifying high protocol behavior
How to ask questions
And much, much more.
To register for the May 10th Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch Click here
To register for the May 10th Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch Click here
Wichita BDSM Wichita Kansas Bondage Fetish Kink S&M Dungeon
May 10th Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch
The Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch is an "open" public munch meeting.
Anyone 18+ may attend by RSVP.
To register for the May 10th Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch Click here
Kansas' largest & most vibrant monthly munch & BDSM play group, and one of the nation's largest public munch meetings.
The Wichita  S.I.C.K. Munch is a monthly real-time gathering of kinksters from Wichita and surrounding areas. We normally meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month in a hotel banquet room in Wichita to eat, socialize and talk about all kinds of kinky stuff. Other than your restaurant meal, there is no cost to attend the Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch. This is a free "open" public event, and all deviants 18+ are welcome by RSVP.

Wichita's "Motherlode" of kinksters If you'd like to meet and mingle with over  100+ Wichita area kinksters in a structured, yet easy-going and "fun" environment, the Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch is the place to meet and socialize with Wichita's "motherlode" of kinksters.

Newcomers welcome & encouraged If you're a complete newcomer to the real-time BDSM, fetish and kink scene, there's no better entry-level portal in Kansas than the Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch.
The Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch is an "open" public munch meeting.
Anyone 18+ may attend by RSVP.