S.I.C.K. Munch Format The format for the S.I.C.K. munch is a monthly fellowship meal in a banquet room at a Wichita hotel where you can meet and mingle with other sick and twisted perverts just like yourself. Yes - you are not alone!  

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Newcomer Gateway Orientation After dinner we feature a monthly Newcomer Gateway Orientation Session. The Gateway Orientation is a learning session designed to help newcomers  appropriately navigate their way through their first dungeon playparty. You will learn about the various rules and guidelines which cover dungeon play, as well as be introduced to the correct etiquette and protocols which must be observed during a BDSM dungeon playparty. We discuss in detail what is expected of you in a BDSM playparty environment, as well as give you a solid understanding of what you should expect from others.

Pansexual/Panfetish No matter what your preference, BDSM orientation, kinky identity, or deviant fetish, you'll find the Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch to be a comfortable and accepting environment in which to express your kinky urges, share your dark desires, explore your fetishes and pursue your perverse paraphilias. Our attendees represent a very broad range of sexual orientations and kinky identities ranging from hetero, gay, lesbian, bisexual and Gorean, to dominant, submissive, switch, slave, and dominatrix. Transvestite, transsexual, and transgender are also very welcome. We even have a few human puppies and kitties! No, really we do!

Age Limits The Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch attracts BDSM enthusiasts, fetishists and kinksters of all adult age groups - from 18+ to the old and decrepit, and every age group in between. It really is an amazing mix of generations, and no matter what your age, you'll always be able to identify with someone at S.I.C.K. The only absolute rule about age is that you must be at least 18 years old to attend a S.I.C.K. event.

Complete Newcomers If you're a complete newcomer to the real-time BDSM, fetish and kink scene, there's no better entry-level portal in Wichita than the S.I.C.K. Munch. If you've been thinking about getting involved in the real-time S&M scene but are still hesitating, now's the time to get off your ass, turn off the computer, get out, and get involved in some real-time S&M  The experience level of our attendees is as wide and varied as their kinks, and as a newcomer they'll make you feel at ease, and give you lots of guidance and encouragement. We are a very friendly bunch, and no one will bite you (unless you ask nicely). Every person you'll meet at S.I.C.K. was once in your shoes, so you can be certain they'll understand fully where you're at and help you get where you want to go. And don't worry, you won't be the only "newbie"!

Experienced Kinksters If you've been in the BDSM scene for any appreciable time, you'll find the Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch to be a familiar environment and a perfect outlet for your own unique kinky self-expression. Many of our attendees have years of practical experience in the SM arts, and you're sure to find many other tops and bottoms who compliment your own level of skill and experience.

Singles Welcome! It's not necessary for you to have a partner to attend the Wichita S.I.C.K. Munch, and singles are welcome and encouraged. Even though S.I.C.K. is not a hook-up service, participants have ample opportunity to meet new kinky friends, and it's entirely possible that you'll find someone with whom you really click.
The next S.I.C.K. Munch will be held on Sarurday April 13th, 2019. Click here for details

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The S.I.C.K. BDSM Munch Wichita, Kansas
The S.I.C.K. Wichita BDSM Munch is a group of kinky adults who get together every month for some sick eats and a sharing of our common interest in BDSM, kink, fetish, bondage, S&M, and everything else that is sick, twisted, perverse, deviant and depraved!

Real-time Kink Group The S.I.C.K. BDSM munch is a monthly real-time gathering of kinksters and pervs from Wichita and surrounding areas. We meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month in a private banquet room at a Wichita hotel to eat, socialize and talk about all kinds of kinky stuff. The Wichita S.I.C.K. BDSM Munch is is an "open" public event, and all kinksters 18+ are welcome by RSVP. 

Meet "Real" Kinksters If all you've experienced to date is BDSM on the internet, this is a great opportunity to get out and meet real kinky people! Also, if you're on FetLife.com, you'll probably come across many of your Kansas FetLife friends at the munch too!

Requirements for Participation in S.I.C.K. The only requirement for participation in the S.I.C.K. BDSM Munch is that you must be at least 18 years old. That, and a deep and sincere desire to explore your deviant dark side, unleash your growling inner-beast, and socialize with other perverts in a comfortable and kinky environment. Does that sound like you? If so, we'd love to meet you at our next munch, so sign on to our mailing list below!
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If you wish to contact an administrator of the S.I.C.K. Munch
The S.I.C.K. Wichita BDSM Munch
Kansas' largest and most vibrant monthly munch & SM play group!
(The most fun you can have with your clothes on!)

The S.I.C.K. Wichita BDSM Munch is an "open" public munch meeting - anyone 18+ may attend.
We meet at a Wichita hotel banquet room on the 2nd Saturday of every month.
The next S.I.C.K. Munch will be held on Saturday April 13th, 2019.

Everyone 18+ is welcome by invitation and RSVP only. If you'd like to start receiving invitations
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Kansas's largest and most vibrant monthly munch & SM play group!
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The next S.I.C.K. Munch will be held on Sarurday April 13th, 2019. Click here for details
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